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Grizzly Cartridge

45 COLT 265gr WFNGC

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45 Colt 265gr WFNGC

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Caliber: 45 Colt
Bullet Wt: 265 Grain WFNGC
Velocity: 950 fps
Rounds: 20

M.E.: 531ft lbs

Recommended for hunting deer.

5 reviews for 45 COLT 265gr WFNGC

  1. Robert Walters

    Turn your 45 Colt into a 44 mag. This ammo will bring out the potential of a 45 colt if your firearm can handle the pressure. I shoot this in a Henry 45 colt, brass receiver tube feed rifle. It definitely goes bang with a huge thump, when the trigger is squeezed. She also kicks like no other round, especially those wimpy cowboy loads, though it is manageable. Do yourself and your firearm a favor, feed it these Grizzly heavy loads and bring out the beast in your 45 Colt.

  2. Ron Berens

    I recently tried these in a third generation Colt SAA. Recoil was not bad at all, and very controllable. Shooting one-handed it had a little more rise than a factory loaded 255 LRN, but not much. Accuracy is where this round really shined in my gun. This load out performed all the factory 255 LRN loads I’ve tried. For me, I’d say this is about as perfect a load for a SAA as you can find. Controllable recoil, superior accuracy, and a bullet that hits hard enough to stop anything I might run into in Colorado. Elmer Keith once said if he was stuck with only factory loads, the .45 Colt would be his first choice. With this load, I think Mr Keith would be very happy. Thank you for making such a useful and all-around loading for the grand old cartridge.

  3. Alfred Von Nuemann

    I own a Bond .45/.410 Derringer with a 3.5 in barrel. As a carry permit holder, I wanted the heaviest non +P ammo that I could feed it safely. All other ammo manufacturers failed! Only Grizzly Ammunition can satisfy the need! I was surprised at the manageability of the recoil! It wasn’t NEARLY as horrible as I was led to believe! In fact, it was kind of soft actually compared to what I expected. I feel pretty confident of being able to discourage knock-out-artists, and or folks with bad intent. I only have 2 shots but within derringer range two 265gr hardened lead .45 colt rounds is all that I need! I saw a demo on youtube of guys shooting the bond
    .45 colt/ 3in .410 derringer. Those big ol’ .45 slugs tumbling, and hitting the target sideways (fired from a 3.5 in derringer barrel) was impressive! Big bullets make BIG holes. If the baddies are close enough to physically attack, two Grizzly rounds from “Mr. Bond” will end it real QUICK. Just ordered 20 boxes.

  4. Tony Garza (verified owner)

    I used these rounds in my Taurus Judge and they handled well. They have a nice bit of kick but nothing unmanageable. I really like shooting Big bore guns and this round feeds that fix with out popping my Taurus. There is no doubt these heavy rounds will get what ever job I give it done.

  5. Paul H Chavez (verified owner)

    Purchased some of this ammo about a year ago, finally got around to shooting it. This ammo functioned flawlessly in my Henry carbine, and seemed to shoot very flat out to about 50yds. I can recommend this ammo, and as for myself, I will be purchasing more.

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